Services & pricelist

  Fishing guide Jarko Jaadla offers next services:

1. Fish guiding services

2. Fishing event organization

3. Fishing trips organization

4. Fishing competitions organization

5. Fishing training organization

6. Purchase fishing licenses

7. Mobile boat rental

8. Snowmobile rental

9. Fishing equipment rental

Pricelist/ packages 2017:

Ice fishing packages from 200.- €

Flyfishing packages from 250.- €

Salmon from 350.- €

Seatrout from 250.- €

Brown trout from 250.- €

Garfish from 250.- €

Pike from the sea (both spin & fly) from 250.- €

Jigging for pike and pikeperch from the river Suur- Emajõgi from 250.- €

Feeder fishing from the river Suur-Emajõgi from 250.- €

Finally each bay, river or lake is unique and requires different approach. We go fishing only there where the fishes are active. Just contact me and describe, what would you like to catch or when would you like to fish.  The gallery & youtube channel will give you a little aim of the species that we fish and ways that I guide.  If I know your plan then I can give you already more detailed answer about the price.

Just ask and we`ll find the best solution for you 🙂


Jarko Jaadla Tel (+372) 56699163


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