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  1. Martin Mandel says:

    I have worked with Jarko for one year at the Estonian Environmental Inspectorate. During that time we got to know each other pretty well. So what can I say about him. Hmm…

    The more I got to know him the more I saw that behind that 190 + cm long height and short hair (no offence 🙂 was the kindest heart and the friendliest guy I have ever known. For real! Fishing is his passion. His wife doesn’t get much attention cause of that. There is all, and I mean ALL, about fishing when it comes to Jarko. I bet the guy even has sheets with little fish (I guess salmon or little perches) on them. Fishing really is his life.

    And he doesn’t only catch the fish. He is the best cook I know when it comes to cooking fish. As I lived alone during our working days, he often invited me to his place and gave me his filleted and marinated salmon or pike, which, believe me, was the best I have had. And also thank You for teaching me how to fillet a fish.

    So when You guys decide to come fishing in Estonia and really want to catch some fish, learn how to cook it the Estonian way, see the most beautiful spots here that even most estonians don’t have a clue – this is the guy You want to call. Trust me, I know!!!

  2. Mattias Oja says:

    I have known Jarko since my first steps and first spinning casts in my life. All knowledge I have acquired during my fisherman life I own mostly because of my close relative and ”older brother” Jarko.
    He has taught me fishing all kind of fishes that Estonian waters have to offer and making best fish dishes of them. In addition to this, I have learned how to enjoy and take maximum pleasure from nature.

    Words that come to mind with Jarko: 110% of passion, love of nature, fly-fishing, trout, salmon, life experience, peace of mind, green.

    When you want to get maximum from Estonian fishing opportunities and nature, Jarko is THE PERSON you need to contact!
    Otherwise take a rod, go to nearest lake you can find and open a beer..

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