Please, down here you`ll find the links to Estonian fishing shows I have taken a part …

The last show of Kalailm 2013 on Pärnu bay (fromt 16th minute)

Springtime roach fishing on lake Peipus 2013

Brown trout spinfishing at winter 2013 (from 17th minute)

Mayfly time 2012 summer

Spinfishing for browntrout 2012 spring

Flyfishing brown trout (dry fly) 2011 summer

Flyfishing pike (from the sea) 2011 summer

And down here you`ll find the links to some clips that me and my friends have made:

River Suur- Emajõgi jig fishing

On river Suur-Emajõgi with my good friend Priit(he had bit better day)

Spawning brownies

Estonian bonefish

Mayfly time

Little salmon mother

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