Gift cards

There are three gift cards in different price classes and with different levels of excitement.

111.- The first and most advantageous is mormyshka fishing or summer angling. 

The duration of the fishing day is 6 hours. Under the guidance of the fish guide, smaller target species, such as: roach, ruff, bleak, perch, bream are caught on ice in winter or by angling (with a simple hand line) from the shore of the water body in summer. By applying these fishing methods, the primary success experience can be ensured, especially for children, but they have always provided excitement for adults as well. A particularly meditative activity is spring migratory roach fishing, because then it is possible to catch larger quantities of fish for drying. Number of participants up to 2.

222.- The second gift card includes winter tipup fishing on some larger lakes.

Trapping is a way to catch some particularly big predator. The fishing takes place where the fish is currently biting. The best area for these occasions is Vooremaa, where there are several small lakes rich in fish. During free water, you can take a motorboat on Kuremaa and Saadjärv, Võrtsjärv and, of course the Suur-Emajõgi, Pede River and their old rivers in the Alam-Pedja nature reserve area. Duration of the fishing day is 8 hours. Number of participants up to 2.

333.- The third gift card is for occasions if you want to make a special impression on the recipient. 

In these cases, the motorboat undertakes longer sea voyages to catch sea trout, pike or garfish. The fishing areas are the entire west coast with its archipelago, as well as the archipelagos of Northern Estonia. There are pantries in our seas, where dozens of pike can be pulled into the boat in one hour, and it is not uncommon to see water surface boiling of the garfish while they are spawning The boat also gives access to the most adrenaline-laden flocks of sea trout. Such fishing trips are always remembered and it is not uncommon for them to become traditions. The duration of the fishing day is 8-10 hours. Number of participants up to 2.

The fourth gift card is intended, for example, for those occasions when you want to celebrate your friend’s birthday with a fishing trip on the water or ice. 

In this case, we will arrange fishing, water transport, catering and if desired, a sauna and accommodation. There are no limits to the number of people and we are also flexible in terms of price. For example, we have organized a fishing trip to Pedassaare, which includes a boat trip to the island, sea trout fishing by wading from the shore and hiking around the island, a fish valuation workshop, making a campfire and eating the catch together. The nature of Pedassaare is unique and non-fishermen can come along as well. Everyone will find the soul there, because the island is rich in mushrooms and berries, and there is a variety of beach types, birds and plant species.

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