The boat gives more freedom on water and fortunately we have a lot of it. Therefore, we do not impose any restrictions. If you want to visit a small island, please, Lake Võrtsjärv, Lake Peipsi, Lake Saadjärv or the Suur- Emajõgi river. Each body of water has its own specific periods and speciec when they give the fish out. For example in December/ April we visit sea to fish the sea trout in Northern Estonia, but mid-May is a good time to catch pike on small lakes and lake Võrtsjärv. The end of May is calling again to the sea, then it’s garfish time. In the middle of summer we will fish walleye on the Suur-Emajõgi river, in August a perch flock will start to gather on Lake Peipsi.

While you fish on the water alone, you may also like it as a team building event?