Team training consists of different activities. In order to successfully carry out team building, people must first get out of the office.

We offer them pleasant surroundings, delicious food, deliver a message (hold a seminar). Also we offer their partners an experience and take them to fish to consolidate their thoughts. Therefore it is guaranteed that these meetings will always be remembered and fruitful.

The materials of the training day can be discussed on the boat. Trainings are finalized and contracts can be signed on the sauna stage. It’s just so.

Our biggest partners in accommodation, catering and boat rental are:

Jõesuu Tourist Farm is Võrtsjärv, Emajõgi with old rivers and Pede River. Accommodates 50 people all year round (65 people in summer)

Udu tourist farm water body Lake Kuremaa and accommodates 50 people (110 people in summer)

Voore Holiday House, which accommodates 130 people all year round and the water body is the picturesque and fish-rich Voore Dam Lake
We offer a great possibility to do ice fishing for 50 persons together!

Contact us and lets plan the right experience for you!